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Leather brooch

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The very first flowers, so delicate, fragile and bright! I will show you how you can make an original gift with your own hands for the spring holiday Easter, the symbols of which are traditionally these flowers. They symbolize the resurrection of nature after the winter cold. Fresh flowers decorate ...
Physalis always reminds me of the summer warmth and bright autumn colors. Many of us like its red-orange lanterns because they miraculously persist for a long time on the branches, without losing their shape and color. There is a simple but beautiful Chinese legend about this plant.& ...
You need: white leather of medium thickness (0.4-0.7 mm) white fur PVA glue white stamens for flowers candle tweezers pin brooch width of 3.2-3.8 cm puncher Roses 1-3. Cut out by 4-5 petals for each rose. 4-6. Scorch each petal after that. 7-9. Apply glue and roll central petals: 10. The rest ...

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