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I love to make not only beautiful but also practical crafts of paper, especially boxes and bags. I love these sweets-boxes that you can make with the desired shape and size just from a single sheet of colored paper for a printer or scrapbooking. For boxes that are in the photo, I made the paper of a ...
When I first saw gift boxes with roses, I immediately wanted to make such a package for my scarves and wraps! Batik and flowers are beautiful... However, it is not so simple with fresh flowers: they can quickly wilt or freeze, there is moisture in a box with a handkerchief, condensation on plastic ...
Today we want to share with you a collection of photos of cute gifts, wrapped in a simple but unusual paper with love and fantasy. Probably not everyone can imagine all possible use cases for packaging in such affordable material as old newspapers and magazines, notes, contour maps and atlases, old ...
Very little time before Christmas and the New Year is left. It's time to think not only about gifts but about their beautiful and original gift wraps, too. In Germany, it is customary to pack all gifts and do it creatively. I pack about 40-50 gifts every year, so I collect interesting ideas ...
A beautiful package for a gift is a very useful thing to have, so I will show and tell you how I made a gift box for a ring. I wanted to make something easy, complementing a jewelry, combining with it. I have prepared a template to print on A4 — it will make the work easier and the result will ...
I will tell how to make three-dimensional flowers from crepe paper to decorate the packaging. And where else to use them depends only on your imagination. Be creative and share the bright colours of a spring sun! Take a sheet of drawing paper, draw several (according to the number of the flowers) ...
Today I want to share with you the idea that came to my mind recently. Of course, the idea is weel spread but maybe useful to someone who wants to pack their items in a handmade bag. So, I was sewing such a bag for the fancy jewelry casket. For this you need: pieces of different fabrics ...
Christmas and New Year are just round the corner, like other holidays, and at times you feel like making gifts for no reason. And so, wrapping always remains relevant :) I decided to share a quick, simple and still pretty idea with Livemaster Community — we’ll make bulky star gift boxes. I’ve ...

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