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Each of us has memories of crafts, which with the approach of International women's day always forced to do in school lessons of work or drawing. Glue-stained daffodils and poppies, daisies and roses... although in these ugly creations made of colored cardboard, it was hardly possible to ...
I continue to introduce you to a selection of amazing insects made by human hands. Today I will show you a wonderful collection of insects by Okita Yumi. Okita is Japanese by birth, but lives in North Carolina. She creates her masterpieces from fabric scraps, feathers, fur, wire, silk and threads. ...
In this video tutorial, I show how to create an openwork bracelet from beads, bicones. The first row is made with two needles — not everyone likes this way, but on the example of the bracelet you will see that it is easy. Working in such a technique can be twice as fast as with needle. Materials: ...

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