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I want to show you how to make a wallet with a convenient coins pocket. Al tools and materials you need are below + take at least 10 square decimeters of leather: Make a pattern out of paper in 1:1 scale, cut it out. Transfer the pattern on leather and get the blanks: Next, take the two pieces ...
I share with you the DIY and my copyrighted pattern that will help you to sew a Christmas doggie out of felt. We need: - felt (light brown, dark brown, white) - threads of the same colours - filler - safe nose for toys - needle - scissors - yarn for embroidering the face Take your high mood and ...
The idea for this toy came in a busy period when I was getting ready for an exhibition and made everything manually. But I needed to get away and make something different, simple and creative. And I decided to make Christmas toys from anything. Here's what I needed: watercolor paint thin brush ...
The illusion is a perception of reality, and it can be implemented with the help of very ordinary things. For example, felt allows realizing the most unusual ideas. And here is a proof: today I reveal a little secret how to make a light tunic without a single seam or grommet. Materials and tools: ...
I think it's time to start preparations for Christmas holidays, buy presents, wrap them, find perfect garments. I offer to sew a nice dress for little girls with your own hand. Let's start :) You need: dress fabric (1 m) dublerin (30 cm) threads scissors needle pieces of lace beads hidden ...
Today I want to share with you a simple tutorial on how to felt a cap. The pattern is understood in a snap, and the decor offers to use imagination! So, you need: — Merino wool, 40 g — fabric for decoration — bulky yarn Let's start. Transfer the pattern on foam underlay and cut out a square ...
  Today we're making a small purse made of felt with a pocket and a back zip. Pattern for printing on A4 paper. The size of the finished owl is 13.5*11.5 cm   You need: Felt Zip Buttons 2 pcs Magnetic or sew-on button Semi ring Cut out all details according to the pattern. Start with the ...
Today I offer to make a nice gift with your own hands — a Christmas house. You need: jute twine cotton lace filler thick white thread glue scissors hook The Key: CH — chain (0) DC— double crochet (+) SC — single crochet (^) A house consists of two identical halves crocheted on this scheme:   ...
Today we're being a little naughty, the reason in itself sets the tone. I think Halloween is a treat for those who loves joke and fun. Booo!.. Take the following materials and tools: dough (recipe below) printed pattern kitchen tools (rolling pins, spoons, knives, glass) toothpicks baking ...
Winter is comming :) and that means it's home time — the season of warm knits, hot drinks and quiet evenings of needlework. I offer you to sew warm home boots of felt with a knitted top for yourself or as a gift. Take these: 1. Felt of 2 mm, 22 cm x 90 cm. 2. Thick yarn or knitted tape. 3. Hook ...

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