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14.02.2019 11:59  |  
I invite you to create a crochet, beautiful, multi-layered flower on my own design :) Pretty, lovely, it is suitable for the decoration of clothes, and for the web made in Irish lace technique. So, let's start, you will need mercerized cotton (I picked up a yarn with 395 m in 100 g) and crochet ...
Silk tassels for earrings are incredibly feminine, elegant and modern. But to make them, you have to do a lot. Today we will automate the process and learn how to wind the thread for tassels quickly, using a sewing machine (can be used a screwdriver, drill and any other tool that has scrolling ...
Recently I have visited the exhibition "BVLGARI. Tribute to Femininity. Magnificent Roman Jewels". It was an esthetic pleasure. It was held in the Moscow Kremlin Museums, in the Exhibition Hall of the Assumption Belfry, and the Exhibition Hall of the Patriarch’s Palace. Chambers are small, ...
We want to share the simplest idea of candle decoration with materials at hand. We made these decoration for our friends` wedding, but the decor is great for any holiday — New year, March 8, or candlelight dinner at home! To do it, we will need the following: 1) tea candles (I bought candles in Ikea ...
24.01.2019 15:09  |  
Today I am going to make cups to place them in my bathroom. After the flat renovation, I had many glass-inlay leftouts and decided to use them to make something. To do it, you`ll need the following: 1) glass-inlay; 2) glasses; 3) plastic lids; 4) knife; 5) masking tape; 6) grout; 7) tape; 8) ...
I have been collecting crocheted projects in cities for a long time. It is very interesting when artisans go out and create beauty for everyone! The work is huge, surreal in some cases and worthy of respect. Such works are very inspiring, despite of what I do.  I can't imagine how one can cut a ...
I love Indian movies. Since childhood they have fascinated me by their beauty. Women charmed me with their beauty and abundance of jewelry. Since I am now actively engaged in the production of jewelry and embroidery, I draw inspiration looking at the Indian beauties, especially at their jewelry. And ...
I am glad to share with you an idea for decorating anything with a bow. For example, here's a gift box: Or this pouch: The bow may be different, it depends on your imagination. The material and simple technique remain unchanged. I hope my invention will be useful to you. What is good about ...
Oh, I want to beautifully show my jewelry at exhibitions or in a shop window, many interesting ideas were used many times and I want something new, fresh and certainly original so much! I gathered some of these ideas, in my opinion the least frequent in our exhibitions. Look, combine and you will ...
Cold winter is here and announces that it's time to take warm clothes out of the closet, but at the same time to update the wardrobe for a new year with trendy new products. Fortunately, winter collections by 19 leading designers offer us a practical solution of how to be stylish and stay warm. ...
Due to early snow this year thoughts about the Christmas holidays are already "swarming" in my head. It's for the best! There will be more time to prepare :) There are publications with ideas for wrapping gifts, but this time, I offer an overview of various ways of home decor for this ...
27.11.2018 10:31  |  
I offer you a fairly simple tutorial on making Christmas toys that does not require any special skills and knowledge. In the house of every woman there are always small pieces of fabric, lace and ribbons and small decorative elements, of which we will now create our masterpiece. You can replace all ...
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