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Lyubov Nikitina is an amazingly versatile artist. She paints pictures, draws illustrations, creates sculptures and is engaged in various types of art. Each of her work is a whole story, it is the most accurately conveyed thought and the highest quality performance that Lyubov achieves by ...
In this tutorial I will show you how you can paint a night winter landscape in the technique of hot batik without a sketch on fabric. To create a more textured sky I will use the salt effect. Tools and materials: natural silk satin; a frame for stretching silk; buttons; wax; wax melter; 2 bristle ...
The first part is here>> Now let's make the body. I can't say how many grams of wool we will need, I take it by eye and, if it is not enough, add in the future. Just as with the head, combine layers of colors. Patiently work with a needle... Check whether the size ...
I present to your attention a tutorial on felting a hare in a realistic technique. The tutorial consists of several parts, I couldn't put all the photos in one publication. I tried to make as many photos as possible to make a detailed tutorial. We need: wool of colors for making the animal, a ...
The assembly of such scarf is simple but a bit laborious.  I hope you'll enjoy this jewelry. So, let's start. Take materials and tools shown here or pick those to your taste:   Sew fixing cones to two edges: You need a hard base for this like this bundle of threads: Add some glue: And ...
Today I'm depicting an early spring landscape with a melting snow and the setting sun hiding behind the branches of pine trees.So, begin to study. Take sandpaper with grit 1000 (water-resistant). Mark a  sketch with a pastel pencil of a neutral colour. Don't use graphite or coloured ...
Japan is a country where street fashion is a concept. Tokyo is, undoubtedly, the capital of style, and what they're wearing on the streets is often much different from what the other world has got used to. Lolita is a whole subculture born there inspired by the Victorian era. It is growing from ...
  Today we're making a small purse made of felt with a pocket and a back zip. Pattern for printing on A4 paper. The size of the finished owl is 13.5*11.5 cm   You need: Felt Zip Buttons 2 pcs Magnetic or sew-on button Semi ring Cut out all details according to the pattern. Start with the ...
Greetings to everyone! I offer a guided squirrel drawing project. Materials: 1. Pastel paper Pastelmat (size 25х17) 2. Pastel Faber-Castell ( I have 24 colours) 3. Pastel pencils Derwent I painted from this photo: Make a sketch with a Naples Yellow pencil, then add a little white. Fill the ...
I represent to your attention a tutorial on creating miniature jars with mushrooms, when anyone can create a real piece of wood enclosed in a glass vessel. You need: FIMO Effect 8020-04 polymer clay (glowing in the dark with a fluorescent green) glass jar with cork, 37 x 16 mm modeling stick with a ...

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