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Since antiquity, women (and some men) have decorated their heads and hats with jewelry. Types of precious jewelry for hair can range from simple hair clips to sparkling tiaras, but these terms are often confused. What is the difference between a crown and a diadem, for example? Let's learn the ...
I will show you how to quickly and easily make a simple figure for a candy bar. You need: - foam - 100 white and 100 pink paper napkins - white cardboard - scissors - gold paint - skewers - hot glue   Cut out a figure out of foam. The foam shouldn't be thin — 5 cm is enough. Prepare flowers ...
When you smile the stars align. Flower of the Universe, And child of mine. Let me accompany you today to the wonderful world where the Flower Universe is born.  Materials and tools: 4122 Oval Rivoli 18х13 5 mm, colour: Dark Red — 1 pc 4122 Rivoli Oval 8x6 mm colour: Dark Red — 5 pcs 4120 Fancy ...
Sometimes, craftspeople need inspiration and have a look at work of other creators. I offer you to do it together :)Crafstman Howling Moon from the UK (London) creates unusual and very airy tiaras with crystals for true forest fairies! Wild and Free from California is inspired by the sea: shells of ...
You can use such a crown for a costume play, carnival or as a decoration like I did.  You need: - thick felt - threads - needle - scissors - sequins - beads - Moment Crystal glue - a simple pencil     Cut out a pattern: And felt blanks: Glue and join the edges: Sew on decorations: Here' ...
Like many girls, I dreamed of being a Princess. Actually, it is reaaly cool to become one even for several minutes. If your daughter also wants to be a princess, play a game — craft a crown in 15 minutes. Materials: Newspaper. Scissors. Colored paper, cut cardboard pieces. Glue stick. Braid, cord, ...
My new set of pictures is rather contemplative in nature as few would dare to create such masterpieces because they're not applicable unless in a theatre, movie or photo shoot. Crowns, headdresses, wreaths, tiaras, kokosgniks take your imagination into the world of amazing fairy tales, where ...

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