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Strawberries, perhaps, can be called one of the symbols of summer. Bright, juicy, fragrant, full of useful microelements and decorated with snow-white flowers with sunny middles — this berry copes with the role assigned to it. These are unforgettable memories from our childhood. Many people cherish ...
I liked this collection so much! ALL of it! Even the smallest details. I offer you, dear readers, to plunge into the world of ethnics and modernity, into the world full of mysterious sounds and phenomena, into the world of fire and wind, into the world of Dior fashion... 29 April 2019. Luxurious El ...
Today I present a tutorial on creating a bouquet of realistic roses. Let`s agree that rose petals surface is rarely solid. As a rule, there are different transitions of colors, due to which each rose flower is beautiful and unique. Today I will show the technique of modeling roses, which differ in ...
The second tutorial! A little more complicated, I think. So, let`s start: 1. From the last tutorial, we have learnt that it is necessary to embroider on paper for the accuracy of the picture. The thinner the paper, the better. Transfer the picture, glue on 4 spots around, to then remove it. And make ...
I'm back with a new tutorial on how to make a handmade brooch. I was asked to make a Fox. So said so done!Choose your favorite pattern, transfer it to the felt (take a harder felt, so it is easier to embroider on it). Fill the space with embroidery (I used woolen orange and brown threads). ...
A small tutorial on how to make a cute wooden brooch at home.First, we need a template for brooches, as I cannot draw well, the template will be very simple.To do this, we need a compass, pencil and thick paper. Take a compass and draw a circle, in my case, the circle turned out with a diameter of ...
Look at those elegant embroidered brooches made by amazing Jiaran Studio, China. Embroiderers presented us a wide range of shapes and patterns. In the form of Eastern fans, flowers of round or square shapes. Enchanting patterns have been designed for these tiny works. It may be stylized floral ...
I don't know how to wear a brooch! I often hear it from my friends and see similar comments on the Internet, that is especially connected with embroidered brooches. We all want to be trendy and not to look funny, so if you do not know how and with what a brooch should be worn, there are several ...
28.12.2018 13:09  |  
Materials: 1. Flock or velvet powder. 2. Acrylic lacquer on a water basis, or white glue, or glue. 3. Alcohol (for degreasing the surface) Tools: 1. Thin brushes. 2. A cotton bud. 3. A toothpick. 4. A sheet of paper. Fix a fully finished brooch in an upright position. Put a sheet of paper under the ...
Today I want to suggest you creating this velvet rose. I have a brooch. You can use the rose as an applique, a fragment of a necklace, earrings, clips... The options are endless! I tried to make a lot of close up pictures to be able to see better :) For the rose you will need: velvet of the ...
22.12.2018 11:47  |  
In this video tutorial, I'll show you how to embroider a 'Bee' brooch. You can take the suggested technique of embroidery as a basis and come up with your own design. This brooch can be a great gift for loved ones. You can watch my other videos to find out how to make a brooch of ...
16.12.2018 12:18  |  
Today I will show you how to sew a brooch of fabric We will need: 2 circles of fabric with a diameter of 5 cm; 1 piece of fabric — 5x23 cm; 2 circles of cardboard with a diameter of 3 cm; a wooden button (or any other button); a pin for brooches; glue. Let's start: 1. Put some glue on the ...
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