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I made a decorative vase from toilet paper and putty. The vase is decorative and you can not pour water in it, but it is wonderful to decorate your home. Making a vase is not difficult and does not require expensive materials. You will need: ball; plastic cup; paper tape; corrugated board; toilet ...
 Clock is one of the best ways to decorate your wall — beautiful and functional. Clock in Loft style may complement any interior perfectly. They are distinguished by brutality, roughness of appearance, simplicity of forms, minimalism in design. This clock ...
Even as a child, at the age of 10, I was taught to weave basic knots in macrame technique. I remember weaving small items — panels, cachepots.Someone thinks macrame is like grandmother's knitting, but for me, macrame is meditation. When you are weaving, thoughts run, rest and you think only ...
Today I want to present you a tutorial on the decor of a wine bottle with volume relief. I will tell you how to decorate a bottle with putty and self-hardening mass. I am not a pioneer to make such a bottle, I will just tell how I have made it. You will need the following materials: glass bottle; ...
What can be made from a can? It turns out that you can make beautiful storage jars or flower pots of it!  I will show step by step photos. 1. Here are the jars I have, I removed the label. 2. Take a brush and paint. I took alkyd enamel, it is more resistant than acrylic paint. Paint the can in the ...
Live edge style in furniture design is becoming increasingly popular today. Its hallmark is the river table.  The unusual name of this object was due to the insertion of epoxy resin in the center of the countertop, thus resembling a raging stream of the river along the curved banks. Amazing table ...
Today I want to show you how I make fruit compositions. I hope my tutorial will be useful. You will need: many artificial fruits; many artificial vegetables; greenery; ceramic pots; toothpicks; corelius branches; foam ball with 150 mm diameter;  gypsum; glue. Step 1. Take the foam ball and fix ...
The video shows how to make a gorgeous candlestick of paper. Paper crafts are always interesting to make and you get a stunning result. You can make a variety of handmade paper crafts, and I have made a candlestick, which can be a decor as it is possible to put a small candle in it. Candlestick ...
Unicorn is a mythical creature, symbolizing chastity, spiritual purity and moral quest. Most often it is presented in the form of a horse with a single horn, emerging from a forehead. As the legend has it a magical creature is of snow-white color, and his mane and tail shine with pearl tint. There ...
In this video I will show you how to make a vase of a bottle. Also, I will show how to make a handmade contour to decorate simple materials. For the vase, I picked up a suitable bottle, so as not to alter the shape. The decor is as simplified as possible For priming the surface I used acrylic, water ...
It is very simple handmade decor for Easter. You will need: fresh willow branches; jute or linen rope; glue gun; wood shavings or hay; thread or wire; branch of greenery and feathers for decoration. Note: the video has some comments in Russian, but they are followed by actions.
We have all heard these funny stories about cats, without which "life is not the same" and "the heart is empty". Of course, no one will compete with cats. But personally, I think that snow-white sheep are wonderful alternative. You can find so much charm in these fluffy " ...
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