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If all your brushes and pencils always strive to escape from the desktop, then it's time to make a perfect organizer. Sometimes, cleaning the shelves, you can find materials perfect for this thing!For example, thick cardboard cores from transfer brass leaf.How to turn them into an ...
DIY/ Life Hack. The second life of old things.  A box of diapers + old sweater = the storage box. You can simply and quickly make such a box! For this, you will need: diaper box (or any other craft box); old sweater; adhesive paper; glue; tape; pins, threads; scissors; sewing machine; ...
Music is beautiful and fascinating. Notes inspire us!   Draw a G clef on a sheet of A4 paper. Transfer it to PVC plastic 2 mm thick with a pencil (draw slightly pressing on the stencil).     You can see the outline pattern of the G clef on plastic.     ...
I love sea, I miss it, I always look forward to meeting it, and when I leave, I want to have it in my memory longer. To bring back memories, I always take a shell, a starfish, or just a few stones I liked. For marine theme lovers, like me, I want to offer a few cute little things that you can make ...
Wreath from twigs and dried flowers — this is perfect for decoration. This eco-style wreath will decorate any room, and you will add gentle natural shades and natural materials to your interior. Most importantly, this wreath is easy to make. You will need absolutely any branches, it is better to ...
Today you may learn how to make a flower stand in the form of a bronze column with your own hands. The pedestal column turned out approximately 1 meter high. You can do it of any height, at least half a meter or 2 meters. To make a flower stand, you will need:• cardboard tube (can be found ...
Time to make: 4-6 days. Tools and materials:  tile adhesive or cement (sold at hardware stores);  office knife;  paper tape;  glue gun;  Pringles package (you can substitute with any form you like);  sandpaper;  varnish for stone (or ...
Summer is a time of the year rich in bouquets! Armfuls of flowers, decorating our house, needs a suitable vase and not even one :)In this video, we will show you a completely easy way of painting a simple transparent vase with cotton sticks!   For work you will need: vase; degreasing ...
Let`s turn a simple glass bowl into a bright and unusual one. Inspired by the decoupage works by Viveca Møller, we decided to create a multi-layered reverse decoupage, using cut-outs from a calendar (it can be absolutely any pictures from magazines, posters and so on). In this tutorial we ...
Look at a wonderful transformation of an ordinary plastic jug. This is a simple handmade decor, which you can repeat in a couple of hours. For decoration you will need:• plastic jug;• napkins;• PVA glue;• hot glue;• pencil, sandpaper;• nail ...
Wooden tray is a pretty versatile thing: it will look equally good, both in your interior and in the photo on social networks. It is not as difficult to make it as it seems. You will need a few tools, a few boards, four pieces of bar and a little of your time.
An ordinary garden gnome decorating a flower bed is no surprise now.But you cannot place an expensive designer sculpture in the garden.So why not make it yourself? :) Mysterious, with a complex stone texture, as if descended from the pages of a fairy tale, a gnome can be created from the most ...
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