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In this video I want to show you how I did the cutest photo frame — Easter Bunny :) For work, you will need: - plywood 4 mm (we will cut a muzzle, paws, a tail); - blank photo frame; - jigsaw, screwdriver, sandpaper; - ground, paint (white, pink, gray, black); - napkins + PVA glue; - water-based ...
Video tutorial on how to make a delicate bouquet of paper flowers. Flowers are very easy to make, they can be used as a basis for sweet bouquets or separately.  You will need: long skewers; box; the basis for fixing flowers in a box (mine is foam); PVA glue and glue gun. Enjoy watching ...
In this video I will show how to make starfish decoration of cold porcelain. For modeling I used a simple recipe, I mixed joiner's glue and starch. Starfish can be sculpted from almost any mass for modeling. As tools used a crochet hook and a rod from a ballpoint pen. After drying, I painted ...
I suggest creating unusual Easter decor from an ordinary egg tray — trivet in the form of a basket for Easter eggs or small candies! So, you will need: egg tray; fabric; scissors; glue gun; materials for decorating baskets; strap. Cut off the upper part of the egg tray. The top of the ...
Today I will show you the third version of the gift packaging. Everything is very simple and is made from scrap materials and look nice. We'll need: kraft paper; dry flowers, twigs; hot glue; scissors. Decorate with us, fantasize, delight yourself and your beloved ones.
Today I will show you the second version to decorate a gift box. Everything is very simple from scrap materials and unusual. You will need: - kraft paper; - a piece of cloth; - lace; - hot glue; - button; - scissors. Decorate with us, fantasize, delight yourself and your beloved ones. (Note: several ...
Today I want to share the works of the artist, who devoted his work to creation of steampunk lamps. His name is Arthur Donovan, and in the steampunk interiors his work is an icon of style. Its design is highly recognizable - clear geometric forms, sawed wood parts, alternating with metal tubes, bars ...
Sometimes the work allows you not to thin the printout. Then you can use thin writing paper. I pre-worked it with brewed coffee for a coffee shade. Such coasters can be a nice souvenir to a colleague, teacher, doctor.  Apply coffee on paper. Dry. Iron it. Apply acrylic ...
During 10 years of my creative career, I have made such sets several times. They are always popular. They are light, I would say, summer-spring, boards are pleasant to the touch, there are several pieces, so you can choose what board to use for cutting of what. They are also nice and cozy, with a ...
In this video I will show you how to decorate the wall in a low-cost and simple way. Panels in Terra technique. For work you will need:- canvas on the stretcher. It can be replaced with a photo frame, plywood or any solid base that can be hung on the wall :)- putty. I used a ready-made option. - dry ...
In this video I will show you how to make a bottle cold porcelain decor. The idea is so simple that it can be repeated by anyone and it does not take much time. As a primer, I used a napkin that was glued to the PVA glue. You can simply ground the surface with putty, acrylic paint or glue. I made ...
Today I will tell you how to work with UV resin and contours for its filling.  To create a pendant, you will need: 1) contours for filling in crystals form; 2) UV resin; 3) color schemes (I use 3 colors: blue, green, red); 4) plastic mixing sticks (I have coffee sticks); 5) mixing tanks (suitable ...
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