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Since the first iPhone was released in 2007, the smartphone has won the love of users all around the world. Among them — talented photographers who have once again proved that even a phone camera can get you a unique shot. Moreover, many professionals today note the high quality of photos produced ...
At the end of the last year, I came across the illustrations by Antonina Tkach and since then continue following her work. Today I wanted to share with you new works of the St. Petersburg artist created this year. Beautiful, juicy and bright watercolours by Antonina never cease to please the eye — ...
His works surprise art connoisseurs and lovers. Watercolour requires, as you know, unprecedented precision from the artist: there is nothing to fix, clean up, attempts to clarify a colour often result in dirt or dullness. What a sensitive perception of colour and accuracy of movements should this ...
I always like to learn new things about the creative wonderful people. Born in 1989, Maya Vronskaya studied architecture in Warsaw. The young Polish artist loves travelling and is attracted by the architecture of various epochs. Much attention is paid to the details of facades, reliefs, massive ...
Australian artist Lyn Diefenbach is our contemporary working with pastel in the super-realism (photorealism) style. Most of her drawings are flowers. Lyn Diefenbach loves them and implements works skillfully and delightfully. Her flowers and plants are so realistic that one even wants to touch and ...
Marcello Barenghi from Milan is an illustrator, graphic designer and an amazing and awesome creator of three-dimensional illusions.About 20 years ago, Marcello Barenghi studied architecture because he couldn't find work by profession. Because of the economic crisis, Marcello was left without a ...
Creative people are very interesting personalities. They are talented and have an incredible fancy! They see the world differently than an ordinary man. Well, if there is a similarly talented favourite pet — success is guaranteed! Meet Rafael Mantesso and his pet bull terrier Jimmy. An artist ...
The holiday rush is conquering the world: one still needs to buy some remaining gifts, come up with the New Year's menu and entertainments, or even find that lucky man to share champagne under the chiming clock with. These concerns very often deprive us of the most important — great fun, the ...
Sean Alistair is a young artist who creates works in a mixed technique: painting and embroidery. He lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. "My art is a visual journal and memories of my life. I grew up in a house of artists and musicians where creativity was a normal activity. But when I was a ...
Jose Heroys is an artist, a master of felting and knitting from the County of the Southeast England, Sussex. According to her, birds have always been her passion and an endless source of joy and fascination since early childhood. Love for wildlife and birds inspires Jose to create such realistic ...
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