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The illustrator from Seoul, South Korea, works under the name Aeppol. Perhaps, all that we know about this person is that he has recently published a book "I'll Be Your Forest: Forest Girl's Diary ." "I am an artist who tries to capture the beauty, manifested in the ...
Berta Hummel is well-known in Germany. Those who love porcelain figurines of children and good spiritual illustrations cannot remain indifferent to the works of this German nun. She had a short life (37 years), but it was so bright that her heritage still attracts new fans. If you love kindness and ...
Ruby Silvious is an artist from New York. She draws amazing miniature paintings on used tea bags. Her work is a game changer in the secondary use of things. Day after day she captures moments from her everyday life or copies the works of famous masters.     It all started in 2015, when Ruby lost ...
I have recently discovered works by illustrator Aj Frena. I admired the graphic, line, composition. A whole story is being played out, luring, enticing, the works may be looked at for a long time and you always find to find something new. Aj Frena is an Illustrator from Texas. He studied at the ...
At the end of the last year, I came across the illustrations by Antonina Tkach and since then continue following her work. Today I wanted to share with you new works of the St. Petersburg artist created this year. Beautiful, juicy and bright watercolours by Antonina never cease to please the eye — ...
Japanese Studio Nendo presented its first children's illustrated book that tells a story of a Cup that tries to solve the problem of lack of the Spoon. Her father was the founder of Nendo Oki Sato. Called What is a Cup? the book tells how creative design ideas are born. As soon as the Cup ...
I like Japan for it combining new technologies and cultural traditions and for anime cartoon. Anime, as an independent sphere of animation, originated in 1958 and was officially recognized as an art in the late XXth century when the Japanese got interested in foreign techniques of creating animated ...
Grown-ups and kids love fairy tales. Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful story! I really like it and the last film by Disney, too. I decided to draw the poster with pastel and make a video. I didn't make a goal of portraying the main heroes, the main task for me was to depict the atmosphere of ...
The holiday rush is conquering the world: one still needs to buy some remaining gifts, come up with the New Year's menu and entertainments, or even find that lucky man to share champagne under the chiming clock with. These concerns very often deprive us of the most important — great fun, the ...
I love children's books, thier bright pictures and lots of details. Works of German artist Peter Knorr struck me at first glance. Any illustration is worth your attention. I look at them for several minutes, and each time I find something new. Just think, how much patience should an artist have ...
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