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Let's plunge into childhood for a while and remember the aching feeling of anticipation and impatience, when the main holiday of the year is coming! We offer you to make a winter decor of wooden cuts. You can do it with children or friends as well :) We will need: well dried wooden ...
At one of the festivals we held a workshop on decorating of a cutting board. At the same time, when preparing the sample, we filmed the process for those who want to repeat this work at home :) For work you will need: apparatus for burning: any suitable for you and available at hand; cutting board; ...
I want to share the idea, maybe you'll appreciate it. You need paper base, any acrylic paint semi-circular cutter sponge a small piece of plywood or wood a good mood, a cup of your favourite tea and imagination! 1. Prepare the background. We love old yellow pages, so smudge it all with beige ...

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