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The same holidays are celebrated differently over the years: there are new rules and traditions, and something vanishes. Now more and more Easter cards appear, and they are again accepted to give to relatives and friends on Easter, though a few decades ago this cozy tradition was forgotten. Now ...
In this video I want to show you how I did the cutest photo frame — Easter Bunny :) For work, you will need: - plywood 4 mm (we will cut a muzzle, paws, a tail); - blank photo frame; - jigsaw, screwdriver, sandpaper; - ground, paint (white, pink, gray, black); - napkins + PVA glue; - water-based ...
Video tutorial on creating Easter decor. This toy is very simple and fast to make. I use a glue gun in this project, but you can sew. It is up to you! :) You will need: - rectangle fabric (one side is twice the size of the other); - felt for rake comb, beak and wings; - rope for legs (you can do ...
I suggest creating unusual Easter decor from an ordinary egg tray — trivet in the form of a basket for Easter eggs or small candies! So, you will need: egg tray; fabric; scissors; glue gun; materials for decorating baskets; strap. Cut off the upper part of the egg tray. The top of the ...
My daughter and I love to prepare for holidays in advance... We like to decorate the house, make a menu, invite guests, make small gifts to our beloved ones. Now, I am preparing with my daughter for Easter, we have collected so many interesting ideas on the Internet  that I have decided to ...
1. Egg Decor When we think about beautiful Easter decor, the first thing we remember is, of course, coloring eggs. In shops today you can find loads of dyes and sets for decoration, for every taste and budget. Warning! At the end of the article I will share my experience and photos of ...
Easter — the oldest and most important Christian holiday — the Resurrection of Christ, the Bright Resurrection of Christ (quote from Wikipedia). Even if you are not religious (like me), it is unlikely that this event goes unnoticed — Easter cakes and painted eggs are sold ...
It is very simple handmade decor for Easter. You will need: fresh willow branches; jute or linen rope; glue gun; wood shavings or hay; thread or wire; branch of greenery and feathers for decoration. Note: the video has some comments in Russian, but they are followed by actions.
In this tutorial we will show you how to make an Easter handmade wreath. You will need a base of branches (we used a base of birch branches), three foam eggs, leaves, stamens, cotton lace, linen twine, sisal fiber, paints (we used tempera), cotton yarn (thin), brushes and a needle for sewing. ...
One Stroke or Double stroke are painting techniques that are incredibly suitable for decorating various items. I present you another tutorial - how you can paint an Easter egg (porcelain) with beautiful roses. Stages of decoration: Ground, or just a good paint on a porcelain cake; Paint a flower; ...
You will need the following: 1) chicken egg shells; 2) soil; 3) plant; 4) Tree branch; 5) sisal (two colors); 6) cotton wool; 7) tape (brown); 8) wire; 9) sheet of paper; 10) double-sided tape; 11) paper cup; 12) rope (jute, hemp); 13) scissors; 14) spoon for soil; 15) any decorative herbs, flowers, ...
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On the eve of New Year and Christmas I want to share with you a simple way to create an atmospheric art doll — a Winter Angel.The idea came to me spontaneously, when I got empty cones from threads. But such a cone can be easily made of cardboard, you can buy a foam cone at a craft store.For the ...
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