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I present your attention a video tutorial on creating earrings made of beads and Swarovski crystals "Spring Time"! Materials: Swarovski Rivoli 10mm Aquamarine (#202) 2 pieces; Swarovski pearls 4mm Rosaline color (#294) 8 pieces; Swarovski pearls 3mm Rosaline color (#294) 2 pieces; ...
The second part of the tutorial is ready! The first part is here. I present you a video tutorial on creating a jewellery set made of Swarovski beads and pearls 1001 Nights. The second part of the tutorial is devoted to the creation of the ring! Materials for the whole set: * ...
I present to your attention a video tutorial on creating a jewellery set, made of Swarovski beads and pearls 1001 night. Part 1 of the tutorial is devoted to earrings. Materials based for the whole set: Swarovski pearls 12 mm — 3 pieces; Swarovski pearls 2 mm — 80 pieces; beads Miuyki ...
Here you can find a selection of Victorian earrings-transformers! These unusual jewels were used in 2 ways. The first — to make your look different. During the day the lady could wear gold earrings, and in the evening shine bright with diamonds.  The second — (suddenly!) security. Diamonds& ...
Jewellery in minimalistic style. Perfectly simple or simply perfect. There are many rules of how to wear, combine jewellery to look stylish, not to have too much of it, to stick to one style and so on. Now we'll tell you a simple secret. Perfection is in simplicity. If you focus on jewellery in ...
Making earrings from Baroque pearl beads and natural stones of different shapes can be an easy and quick task to do. I'm happy to show you how. I suggest using pins not less than 0,7-0,8 mm thick and the beads with hole of 1 mm. Materials you will need: pearl beads 14-15 mm with 1 mm hole; ...
This is my first tutorial on how to make earrings. Let's begin. You will need (in the photo are the details for one earring): 1. earwire 2 parts. 2. plate-drop stylized as crumpled gold 2 parts. 3. pin 2 parts. 4. metal ring 2 parts. 5. pearl 2 parts. 6. connecting ring 2 parts. 7. round pliers ...
Silk tassels for earrings are incredibly feminine, elegant and modern. But to make them, you have to do a lot. Today we will automate the process and learn how to wind the thread for tassels quickly, using a sewing machine (can be used a screwdriver, drill and any other tool that has scrolling ...
I present to you a tutorial on the creation of long beaded earrings. We will make very simple and fashionable tassel earrings. Earrings with tassels are very popular now, they can add a bright flavor to a look and attract attention. Earrings with tassels are perfect for an evening dress, and as a ...
What earrings to make for autumn-winter 2018-2019? In the footsteps of Chanel. Fashion shows of fall-winter 2018-2019 are left behind. Someone visited the shows personally, someone enjoyed the beauty on TV, but someone worked so much that missed the latest trends in the world of high fashion. Of ...
Any needlewoman has many creative ideas, anв some of them touch upon using materials in an unusual manner. I want to share with you one idea how to make earrings out of buttons! So, let's start! Take: 2 buttons; a piece of cloth; Czech seed beads; fleece or felt; glue; sewing threads; any ...
All materials and tools you need: Carefully fill jars with beads: Glue corks anв insert them, add metal rings:   Glue or sew ribbons to the tops and voila, the funny earrings are ready :) Enjoy your creativity! :)
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