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One of the most famous embroidery schools in Paris is the Francois Lesage School of Embroidery or Ecole Lesage. This school teaches various techniques and types of embroidery using a variety of tools and materials. Here you can learn embroidery with a needle and Luneville crochet, learn embroidery ...
18.02.2019 13:57  |  
Today I want to present you a tutorial on how to neat a scarf edge with a role seam. This seam is great for scarves of silk, thin cotton fabrics, fine wool, linen. One of the ways of this processing will be shown here. Firstly, you need to cut out the right size for a skarf of fabric.  For example, ...
Today we will sew the purse on the clasp, a simplified method. I have embroidered gabardine fabric as a base for the purse, you can choose any other, but if it is too thin, it should be duplicated. You will need: clasp 8.5 cm wide; gabardine fabric (or any other); dublerin (if the fabric is thin); ...
I want to share the process of sewing a warming pad with cherry seeds.  I use the following materials and tools: cotton: decorative cotton braid: padding polyester: sewing and embroidery threads: needles, scissors, cloth cutting knife: mat for cutting: rulers, pencil: tools for turning out small ...
It is not always possible to choose fibers and silk for felt decoration, so we can dye them ourselves in a specific color that we need for this project. Today we will dye silk squares, silk and sheep curls in turquoise-blue colors. For work you will need: dye acid "Ashford"; vinegar water ...
A small tutorial on how to make a cute wooden brooch at home.First, we need a template for brooches, as I cannot draw well, the template will be very simple.To do this, we need a compass, pencil and thick paper. Take a compass and draw a circle, in my case, the circle turned out with a diameter of ...
I present you a tutorial on how to create a cosmetic bags, but not a usual one, in the form of a hare.   You will need the following: fabric of several colors for the front of the cosmetic bag; lining fabric; interlining; zipper; threads for embroidery; vanishing fabric marker; zig-zag scissors; ...
Have you packed the gifts? No? Then here's a simple way to make it beautiful: make a box and decorate it with your own hands. The materials are quite interchangeable, and the idea can be transformed and supplemented. In my previous tutorial, I told you in great detail how to make a box itself ...
One winter evening, I was looking at beautiful photos on the Internet and saw the unusual appearance of the Japanese traditional gassho-zukuri houses in the villages of Shirakawa and Gokayama, many houses were build more than three centuries ago, and the oldest house was said to have been built ...
Well, let's paint! :) Today I would like to share with you my inspiration and details of painting a pig. It can be a post card or a full picture. We create a picture with watercolors on paper. I used a watercolor brush #2 (synthetic) and paper 24х17 cm/240 gr. Watercolors are by the Rebrand ...
Today I will tell you about one of the possible ways to build a complex pattern for the body of a rag doll (or any other toy, the principle is the same). I'm talking about the draping method — that is, building a pattern on a mannequin instead of drawing it on a sheet of paper. This method is ...
11.12.2018 11:23  |  
Cut the base of corrugated cardboard. Use twine to attach a layer of crumpled paper, then a layer of sisal. Use strong green nylon thread to wrap a garland of artificial fir twigs to the base of the wreath. Prepare sprigs of noble fir and juniper. Attach the prepared twigs to our wreath. ...
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