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Handmade ceramics

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Every new year brings with it new trends in interior design, so 2020 is no exception. Current interiors of this season have something in common — a demonstration of the beauty of imperfection, an understanding of the true value of handmade work, as well as a love for basic colors and shapes.& ...
I want to show you the process of modelling pottery from clay.In the video, I will try to show all the peculiarities of modelling a cup in extrusion technique.I use clay MKF-2.
I have decided to make a video about the process of creating ceramics. ⠀ The art of ceramics does not tolerate haste, it is quite methodical. First, the product is created from clay, if you make a mistake, then it may be cracked after firing. So, do not be in a hurry. Next, the ...
When an artisan creates a piece of pottery, he/she has a question of how to send it by post. Of course, post office or delivery service staff will not pay special attention to your parcel. Therefore, high-quality packaging is a key to successful delivery of a product. What is important, it is a ...

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