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The city of La Rochelle on the Atlantic ocean attracts tourists not only from all over France, but also from other countries.  From Orleans, you can get to La Rochelle really quickly, it takes just 3 hours on the highway. Lately I've been there quite rarely due to much work. But ...
Recently I have visited the most beautiful region of France — Normandy. It was my first trip there, and I was delighted to discover beautiful cities of the region, their architecture and traditions. Deauville impressed me the most, it is a fabulous town, really well-groomed and green. ...
For a long time I have not written about my trips, which, among other things, are filled with impressions of purchases and even just contemplation of old and ancient things! I'll fix it now :) Here is a short story that happened just yesterday. We visited two cities that are in the middle of ...

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