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Plants in any interior is an indispensable thing. They create a favourable microclimate and allow you to get closer to eco-style or make your home more comfortable. However, not everyone wants to devote all free time to tend plants, which are often capricious. Personally, I always forget to even ...
People successful in art often got engrossed to it in their childhood when they got their first color pencil and a sheet of paper, play dough or color crayons. For this very reason, many parents are now trying to introduce their children to art from an early age. Everyone has long known that crafts ...
Once I have not found a phone case I wanted on the Internet...It's just an idea, maybe it will be useful for someone. You will need: silicone phone case; thin marker; fineliner; tape; paper printout; means for cleaning screens. The picture is not covered with varnish, if you want to, ...

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