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Butterfly wings are a symbol of fleeting, elusive beauty. Butterflies are not like other insects: an incredible variety of colors, patterns and their combinations are rather rare for representatives of one group of wildlife. Probably, that is why butterflies and moths are an enduring source of ...
Somewhere in the middle of winter you begin to feel the lack of warmth and bright colors of summer, don`t you? Yellow is a summer color among all. It is a color of sun, warmth, joy. It's radiant. It stimulates brain activity and physical activity. Yellow color symbolizes optimism, desire for ...
Before untangling this difficult and confusing title covering the topic, I would like to introduce you 10 fashionable colors and 5 base colors that were called the most essential this fall and coming winter by the Pantone Institute. UV (Ultra Violet) remains the main color of the year and goes ...
Today I would like to tell you a little about watercolor paints and their mixing. If you want to feel free with watercolors and to know which color to add, when to do that and how to get the desired result, the most important thing is to constantly practise, gain experience, and eventually you will ...
I decided to find out what color is popular this autumn-winter season. It turned out that the versions of various fashion houses and fashion designers vary, but I tried to choose 10 shades which occure more often. It turned out that this season the palette is unusually bright. Experts explain such a ...
Everyone likes to publish color combinations, but there will never be enough for me...Autumn gives us so many crazy and bright colors that it is difficult to imagine the number of their combinations, but I will try to present you some.Autumn... that joy and sorrow, warm and wind, it is time of ...
    When looking through articles about the life of modern queens, I was surprised by one detail — what a bright and stylish lady one of the eldest modern royalties is! It's about Queen Elizabeth II. Despite the fact that the Queen prefers restrained silhouettes in her clothing, she doesn&# ...
Do you love sweets the way I do? Well, they inspire me greatly and I want to share with you Sweet Color Combinations: just think about sweets, cakes, cookies, cupcakes and chocolates, truffles and candies... mmm... yum, very tasty, and looks colourful and lush! One can't help being tempted to ...
A red handbag is a very bright accessory, so it is perfect to stand out from the crowd. The red colour is very rich and symbolizes love and passion. Many women are hesitant whether to buy such a trendy thing or not because just do not know what to wear it with. Just remember some rules: tall women ...
A unique installation with a self-explanatory name MONOCHROME opened on April 5 in Brooklyn, New-York. A creative experiment by artist CJ Hendry is a kind of a house with seven rooms devoted to one colour, or rather, a collection of similar shades. The scope of the construction is striking: ' ...
A colour combination is sometimes the most important criteria when beginning a search of something, I don't know why! Espesially when you're inspired with beautiful pics serving a base for a colour palette. So I decided to share useful colour sets and great muzzles of cats together for ...
Nature! The only one that infinitely inriches our imagination and the combinations of colours. So, enjoy the palettes inspired by animals!   I hope you liked it!
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