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Detailed tutorial: how to sew a decor with a cute llama for the nursery with your own hands. Llama print is now very popular. And also in this tutorial you will learn how to make a decorative cord, pompom and tassel.  
Today I have a wonderful video on how to make a panel with your own hands. Decorative wooden panel in the form of a leaf to decorate any wall. So let's get started.To make a panel, you will need: excellent mood (without it, it is better not to start anything. Otherwise, you can spoil ...
One of the most famous embroidery schools in Paris is the Francois Lesage School of Embroidery or Ecole Lesage. This school teaches various techniques and types of embroidery using a variety of tools and materials. Here you can learn embroidery with a needle and Luneville crochet, learn embroidery ...

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