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This tutorial is dedicated to the creation of the original decorative box with a flower, which I made of waste materials. The box is created as an element of decor, but if to place there jewellery or candy, the work may well serve as a great gift for March 8 or any other holiday. You will need the ...
13.02.2019 19:53  |  
For many years I was fortunate to work on the "Snowflake" as a designer together with Galina Marowski and Angelina Rakcheyeva, talented lace artists. Now they are honored artists of Russia. These artist-friends graduated from the Moscow Art and Industrial School of M.I. Kalinin at the turn ...
We are going to sew a purse in just an hour!This is taking into account the fact that you need to draw a pattern, and those who sew well, will cope with it even faster.⠀You will need: fabric; velcro; threads, pins; scissors, soap / chalk; sewing machine. Note: everything is measured in cm.     
Today I want to tell you how I embroider peony with satin ribbons.  You will need: satin ribbon of 1.2 cm, 2 cm, 4 cm wide; gabardine fabric; hoops; needle with large eye; scissors; lighter.        Making petals. Cut the tape to 6-8 cm length, I cut to a palm wide (4 fingers). The number of ...
Are you ready for St. Valentine's Day? I'll show you how I sew my soft fabric hearts, I hope you`ll find it useful :) I will need the following materials and tools: - fabric, - ribbons, - lace, - cardboard, - padding polyester, - sewing machine, - stencil, - glue, - glue gun. To begin with ...
Surfing the Internet, I found a handmade insect of unusual materials. I got interested and began to look for information. That's what I found and I want to share it with you. The English artist and sculptor Julie Alice Chappel came up with an idea of using old boards to bring beauty to this ...
If you have not tried to sculpt of polymer clay yet I advise you to start.In this tutorial I show how to make a glass appetizing.It also solves the problem of choosing a gift :)The material is similar to plasticine, but only after baking in an oven it hardens and can be washed.As an assistant, you ...
In this video I will show you how to make a Christmas tree of Nobilis for New Year. And if you do not have Nobilis, you can take an ordinary tree, fir, pine or something else.At first I wanted to make a Christmas tree in a small peat pot, but as it turned out it was a bad idea and I put a Christmas ...
In this tutorial I will show you how to make flower pots of gypsum.I will also show in detail how to make a mold for pouring of cardboard.I wanted to create an unusual shape, so I used cardboard.Taking this method as a basis, you can make a mold of pentagons that will also look beautiful :)Most ...
In this tutorial you will see step by step how I created a house for animals out of a box. The materials used: a cardboard box (2 pieces); egg trays; white glue; joiner's glue; hot glue (a gun); putty for wood; foil; papier-mache (toilet paper and white glue); acrylic paint; acrylic, ...
In this tutorial, I show the easiest way to make papier-mache mass of egg trays.This method was suggested to me in the comments below the video, where I told how to make mass of toilet paper.Now I use only this method, as I don't have to soak, stir and squeeze anything for a long time. While ...
In this tutorial, I decorate a notebook with budget and simple materials, so everyone can repeat this lesson. The materials used: - any notebook; - acrylic paint; - white glue; - glue (transparent); - joiner's glue; - putty for wood (moisture resistant); - furniture hardware; - cold porcelain ( ...
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