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Dear Customers !
I have some very Unique and rare Sculptures for SALE!!!
You can also follow my SALE posts on my HOME PAGE , that I update regularly.

All orders are welcome ~
I can make the most interesting ( one of a kind ) sculpture for you personally.
Also you can find the different "characters" of my sculpturing work in my CATALOGUE and choose what you like.

We can discuss all the details of your personal order !
This is very special moment, because the eyes are the reflection of the soul, that's why they create the special character of the "alien creature" !
So I suggest to choose the colour of the eyes very carefully, from my ~eye catalogue~
Firstly , before you make any orders...
I would like to tell you that it's impossible for me to repeat exactly the same work / make identical sculptures.
I will not be able to repeat exactly the same expression of the face or posture in my work. Every cat is very Unique and one of a kind ! It's important to understand !
But I am happy to offer you the basic choice of a colouring, eye colour, Jewerly , some details, and take in to an account your personal wishes of your order!

It is very creative process for me, and there are no limits, no framework or templates.
With every new sculpturing work I definitely improve my skills and I am proud of it!
So, as a Master, I would appreciate your trust !
Thank you for reading and will be happy to discuss any of your requests and wishes,