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02.12.2018 17:58  |  
That winter! Snow! It's time to make a snowman! But if you don't want to freeze today or the snow is not good for sculpting, let's sculpt it of polymer clay :) This is a detailed tutorial on creating a Christmas tree decoration of baking polymer clay in the form of a cute snowman. It ...
In this video tutorial I will show you how you can simply and quickly, in just 15 minutes, decorate a setting of a ring with polymer clay and beads. The decor imitates the furniture upholstery, the so-called "capitonnage". You can decorate other items: mirrors, writing instruments, ...
I want to offer you to make/sculpt a mandrake. This creature is quite popular so why not to have one of them at home? So, here you go: 1. First we need foil. Make a little carcass with feet (the dimensions and the shape can be of any kind). We will wrap this carcass with baking plastic. 2. I have a ...
This hare may serve as a great souvenir and a developing project for kids, an interior decoration. See the materials and tools you need below: 1. Start. First, take a small piece of clay and place it on any sturdy fabric 2. Roll it up to 5 mm thickness: 3. Give it a texture: 4. Make a circle: ...
I recommend you to start with a sketch, this helps to escape from many mistakes. So, for work I needed: clay — I used white clay with good plasticity, stacks and a knife, I use various candy stamps, but one can chop by hand, slip — liquid clay adhesive, dexterity and ingenuity! 1. First, sculpt ...
So, what do you need? model plaster tools clay a separating mixture cardboard for formwork plastering cup First of all, find out how many pieces of a plaster mould you need. The best option is just two — mark it out right on the plasticine model: I needed a four-pieces mould because the neck ...
If you love working with leather as I do, you'll like the DIY, too. You need: cream plastic jar dense foam or a thick foamed polyethylene velour, velvet soft leather PVA glue 1-2. Insert foam in the jar and make cuts at the lines each 2 cm.   3. Cut out a velvet rectangle 2 times larger then ...
Many people have asked me how I make animalistic rings. And finally I decided just to share the process. So, you need: 1. Polymer clay. 2. Stacks and something sharp. 3. A small paper strip, twisted into a cylinder at the size of a finger. Let's get started! First, roll out a strip of plastic, ...
I love monstera for its decorative shape. The DIY is simple and is good for amatuer potters and beginners. Before you start, stock up with clay and find or rent a stove. Read or clarify the burn-in temperature, the temperature of clay and glazes firing should match or be very similar. Part 1. ...
Today we will makea  textured rolling pin for polymer clay. For this we need: - polymer clay - pasta machine or a rolling pin - accessories (decorative items, bead caps, and so on) - stick with a ball - your imagination)   Textured pins is another way to recycle remains of clay! 1. Shape a ...

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