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DIYs & Tutorials with foam balls

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04.08.2019 11:24  |  
Thank you for visiting me.This is a small part of my next tutorial.I have not decided what exactly I will make, a tablet, or a notebook in the form of a cat (or a cat with a mouse). In general, I should sleep on it :) In this work I used:- jigsaw, I cut out 10.5 cm circle with it;- adhesive ...
These cakes look pretty realistic. It is not difficult to make them. They can decorate a Christmas tree, be a magnet for refrigerator or simply be put in a vase.  1. For convenience, fasten the foam balls on sticks. 2. Cover the balls with white glue. 3. Now you need to pull the balls into ...
Entertain your kid with a marvellous thing — making a flower out of a wire. You can make a bouquet even :) You need: - chenille wire (green, white, yellow) - Styrofoam ball (diameter 2 cm) - wire cutters or scissors   Cut sticks for petals anв insert them one by one into the ball: Add the heart: ...

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