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DIYs & Tutorials with glue gun

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Not so long ago my store got various thermal transfers. When they appeared, I began to get questions on how to use them, or rather how to transfer/fixing them on felt. In this tutorial I will try to answer this question.  I'm going to create a ''Magnetic Fishing" brain ...
Video tutorial on how to make a delicate bouquet of paper flowers. Flowers are very easy to make, they can be used as a basis for sweet bouquets or separately.  You will need: long skewers; box; the basis for fixing flowers in a box (mine is foam); PVA glue and glue gun. Enjoy watching ...
Video tutorial on creating Easter decor. This toy is very simple and fast to make. I use a glue gun in this project, but you can sew. It is up to you! :) You will need: - rectangle fabric (one side is twice the size of the other); - felt for rake comb, beak and wings; - rope for legs (you can do ...
The flowers are made of satin ribbon 5 cm wide. The flowers are decorated with lace and decorative middle. White color is perfect for schoolgirls. The size of the finished product: flower-Ø 8 cm, with lace-Ø 10 cm. Materials (for 1 flower): * satin ribbon 5 cm wide (1.1 m); * lace; * felt Ø4 cm (1 ...
In this tutorial I will show you how to make beautiful bows in kanzashi technique. I recommend to make it of rep ribbons, because in this model it is important to keep the volume that a satin ribbon gives. You will need: rep ribbon 2.5 cm wide; 4 segments 34 cm long (two contrasting colors); 3 ...
It is very simple handmade decor for Easter. You will need: fresh willow branches; jute or linen rope; glue gun; wood shavings or hay; thread or wire; branch of greenery and feathers for decoration. Note: the video has some comments in Russian, but they are followed by actions.
Flowers of rep ribbon of 4 cm wide. The flower diameter is 7.5 cm. For decorating, you can use any elastic bands, clips, headbands... Beginners can do these flowers easily... You will need the following materials (for 1 flower): * rep pink ribbon of 4 cm wide (1 m); * rep pink ribbon of 4 cm wide ( ...
Step-by-step tutorial on how to make snowdrops of satin ribbons. These flowers will decorate your home interior, they do not require watering and never fade. These interior flowers will be a great gift for mothers, grandmothers, teachers for March 8. Materials for the composition: satin green ...
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This tutorial will help you to make beautiful roses for compositions — topiary, bouquets in pots, rubber bands, hairpins, wreaths, etc. with your own hands at home. So, you will need:- 1 meter satin ribbon 5cm wide of any color (for rose petals); - green satin ribbon of 4 cm wide 24 cm long (for ...
These cakes look pretty realistic. It is not difficult to make them. They can decorate a Christmas tree, be a magnet for refrigerator or simply be put in a vase.  1. For convenience, fasten the foam balls on sticks. 2. Cover the balls with white glue. 3. Now you need to pull the balls into ...
To do it, you`ll need the following: handkerchief; scissors; felt; glue gun; clasp for a brooch; toothpick. Take a new handkerchief. Cut out squares of 3 x 3 cm. You will need 39 squares for a brooch 5 wide.   Take one square and fold it diagonally. Then, middle it. Glue open corners.  Begin ...
Today we want to show you a simple tutorial on how to make a handmade box. This box will serve as a package and as a great decoration for the house as well, where you can store different things. To make the box, you will need: - cardboard tube (bush) with a 4 mm wide wall; - glue gun; - scissors (to ...
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