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DIYs & Tutorials with glue gun

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In the video, I show all the details! How to make photo decor with your own hands. So here we go! As a basis, I take material available to everyone — usual branches from the street! I pre-dried them, just left in the room for a day. Cut to the length you need and paint with white water-dispersion in ...
In this video, I show how to make a brick wall from an ordinary ceiling tile that is sold in any DIY store! This photo background is inexpensive. You get a light background from this material     You will need:   - ceiling tiles (sold at any DIY store); - glue gun ...
Wreath from twigs and dried flowers — this is perfect for decoration. This eco-style wreath will decorate any room, and you will add gentle natural shades and natural materials to your interior. Most importantly, this wreath is easy to make. You will need absolutely any branches, it is better to ...
28.06.2019 19:12  |  
I already have a tutorial on making a wooden tray. It is very convenient and I use it every day. But I have decided to go ahead and make a concrete tray. Note that I make it not for any utilitarian reasons, but for the sake of aesthetic effect, so to speak. This is primarily a decorative element ...
Time to make: 4-6 days. Tools and materials:  tile adhesive or cement (sold at hardware stores);  office knife;  paper tape;  glue gun;  Pringles package (you can substitute with any form you like);  sandpaper;  varnish for stone (or ...
A simple tutorial on making a bow from a piece of any fabric. You can attach it anywhere! Elastic bands, hairpins, hoops, bracelets, brooches, even on a handbag or a T-shirt, you can make a bow for a boy or decorate gift packaging. Bows are a very useful thing! :) You will need: two pieces of any ...
I am glad to share with you how to make flowers for textile dolls. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. To create a tulip, you will need: 1. knitwear (fleece on a knitted basis); 2. felt; 3. floral wire; 4. scissors; 5. ruler; 6. pen (pencil); 7. pliers (to cut the wire). Cut ...
30.05.2019 14:59  |  
The theme of the tutorial is a stopper for books with your own hands. To make two letters you will need: gypsum; water; cardboard; paper; tape; scissors; office knife; glue gun; pencil; ruler; sandpaper; bucket; gauze or cotton fabric; paints. Do not forget that gypsum is a very (very-very) ...
Natural materials sometimes strike by their diversity. Any bump, twig or nut, even if it can look blank at first glance, may be a great decor in interior compositions. So I suggest creating an interior wreath of natural materials in the shape of a heart with me. For more elegance, we will complement ...
Very simple butterfly bows of rep ribbons. Bows are easy to make for beginners as well. Butterfly can also be used as an interior decoration. Materials (1 bow): * rep ribbon 4 cm wide (for one butterfly you need 42 cm); * decorative middle; * wire; * beads 6 mm; * felt 2 cm: * accessories: ...
It was a very long and quite ambitious project. It all started with the idea of creating a handmsde desk lamp. It was a necessity. However, I did not want to make something ordinary, typical, like everybody has, and of usual materials. Therefore, design magazines and the Internet have become my true ...
03.05.2019 19:42  |  
This is the second tutorial on how to make felt flowers. In this video, I show how to make flowers like asters. They are perfect for the middle of flowers in case when you mix several options of petals.I recommend soft felt for flowers. It fits better and easier to work with.You will need: felt; ...
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