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DIYs & Tutorials with jute rope

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In the video, I show all the details! How to make photo decor with your own hands. So here we go! As a basis, I take material available to everyone — usual branches from the street! I pre-dried them, just left in the room for a day. Cut to the length you need and paint with white water-dispersion in ...
This is a tutorial on how to make a basket (box) of jute with your own hands. For work you will need: jute rope; cardboard; glue (hot and transparent multifunctional); floral clay; acrylic paint;  wire. Working with floral clay, I noticed that it is painted better not by acrylic paint, ...
It is very simple handmade decor for Easter. You will need: fresh willow branches; jute or linen rope; glue gun; wood shavings or hay; thread or wire; branch of greenery and feathers for decoration. Note: the video has some comments in Russian, but they are followed by actions.
Interesting decor idea of jute rope and shells. This handmade decor can be done in a few hours and decorate the wall or hang on the door. The idea is not new, but always relevant. You will need:* jute rope 10 meters;* jute twine;* piece of wallpaper;• corrugated cardboard;• hot glue and PVA glue;* ...
2 interesting ideas how to make a handmade organizer. Crafts with your own hands are always unique and develop imagination. The first organizer is a bit more complicated and consists of three sections, and the second one is simple, but also beautiful. To make an organizer you will need: plastic ...
You will need the following: 1) chicken egg shells; 2) soil; 3) plant; 4) Tree branch; 5) sisal (two colors); 6) cotton wool; 7) tape (brown); 8) wire; 9) sheet of paper; 10) double-sided tape; 11) paper cup; 12) rope (jute, hemp); 13) scissors; 14) spoon for soil; 15) any decorative herbs, flowers, ...
Once upon a time, there was a fluffy cat at home. And she wanted her personal house. Today I'll tell you how anyone can make it :) You need: a small piece of linen cloth synthetic padding two small cuts of plywood 8 mm thickness corrugated cardboard paper tubes of different diameter jute cord ...
A Christmas wreath has become a traditional decoration for New Year and Christmas. You needn't buy it at the store. Create a Christmas wreath with your own hands!      Materials and tools: Cardboard. Masking tape. Paper. Half linen. Jute rope. Decorative elements (artificial branches, twigs, ...

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