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I offer you a detailed DIY on how to make an "Oak Leaf with Acorns" brooch. There is a full guide for embroidery with stone chips, forming the caps of acorns using beads. To create a brooch you will need: - oval beads with a size of about 1 cm (tiger eye); - crushed stone in two colors ( ...
If you want to make a brooch out of an embroidery, there's a good idea how to frame it. You need: Your embroidery. Cotton fabric for patchwork. 5 mm cord. Czech beads No. 10. Threads or monofilament. Moment Crystal Glue. Needles, scissors; a pencil. Thick cardboard, thick leather or suede, a ...
How much I want spring, warmth and singing birds! Making a brooch with a flowers applique has a little made my day :)   Materials and tools: 3 mm felt  5 mm felt thread, needle scissors pin brooches flax Cut out a pattern. Cut out the parts out of felt. Sew them together: Cut out with the ...
I suggest you embroidering a pretty titmouse with a satin stitch to create a textile brooch. Materials: - fabric for the base (I had hand painted white gabardine) - embroidery floss in two shades of yellow, yellow-green, two shades of grey, two shades of blue, also white, black, brown, green ...
I'm pleased to present this tutorial on beading with Swarovski crystals that is dedicated to the most amazing and graceful, enigmatic and mysterious, the largest inhabitants of our planet — whales! This DIY shows how to create a brooch with bead embroidery and describes all stages of work — ...

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