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If you want to make a brooch out of an embroidery, there's a good idea how to frame it. You need: Your embroidery. Cotton fabric for patchwork. 5 mm cord. Czech beads No. 10. Threads or monofilament. Moment Crystal Glue. Needles, scissors; a pencil. Thick cardboard, thick leather or suede, a ...
I'm eager to share with you my experience. I suggest you make an adorable embroidered brooch. This touching, delicate piece of jewellery is perfect at any time of the year. You need: 1.Hoop.2.Vintage moss green velvet. The size of the piece depends on the size of your hoop.3. Floss. Three ...
I want to share with you my original tutorial on creating a bright necklace. This piece of jewellery easily matches any look with a white classic shirt, sweater or a festive outfit :)So, let's start! You need: 1.3 mm felt decorative sew-on gems of several colours metal chain (2 sizes) ...
I invite everyone to create an autumn bracelet! Autumn is my favorite season! A splash of colours, majestic fading, memories of summer and preparing for the New Year :) Love all of autumn colours, especially sun-bleached... To make the piece of jewelry, you need: 1. Fusible webbing.2. Silk for the ...
I suggest you embroidering a pretty titmouse with a satin stitch to create a textile brooch. Materials: - fabric for the base (I had hand painted white gabardine) - embroidery floss in two shades of yellow, yellow-green, two shades of grey, two shades of blue, also white, black, brown, green ...
Over the last time handmade jewellery and accessories are gaining more popularity. I’d like to offer you to make a unique necklace that would adorn your look. So, let’s start. You’ll need: - seed beads; - bead stringing wire or 0.35 mm beading thread; - metal jewellery calottes; - glass or ...

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