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  Today I invite you to sew a needle cushion and purse with me. I used a rectangular unsightly clasp, you can use the clasp of any shape — round, oval, rectangular, and fit both sewn and unsewn clasp.  For work you will need: thick cotton for outer part of a needle cushion; ...
Would you like spring inspiration? I present you a tutorial on sewing a fabric bag. It is perfect for storing lace, ribbons, knitting, in general, an organizer :) it can also be used for cosmetics and all sorts of women's bottles and boxes, which my daughter actually does. I sewed it for my ...
31.03.2019 15:47  |  
Cosmetic bags can be not only square and rectangular, but also triangular. Like a real pyramid! The size of the finished cosmetic bags is 18*18 cm.   You will need: dense cotton for outer part of the cosmetic bag; cotton for lining; surrounding interlining; zipper;& ...
The video shows how to make a gorgeous candlestick of paper. Paper crafts are always interesting to make and you get a stunning result. You can make a variety of handmade paper crafts, and I have made a candlestick, which can be a decor as it is possible to put a small candle in it. Candlestick ...
It is very simple handmade decor for Easter. You will need: fresh willow branches; jute or linen rope; glue gun; wood shavings or hay; thread or wire; branch of greenery and feathers for decoration. Note: the video has some comments in Russian, but they are followed by actions.
In this tutorial I show how to weave an openwork bracelet of beads, beacons and several beads. The first two rows are woven with two needles — not everyone likes this weave, but on the example of the bracelet, you will see that it is not difficult. Weaving in such a technique can be twice as fast as ...
10.03.2019 08:39  |  
PAOLA REINA BOOTS ATTENTION! This is a free tutorial. If you want to share it, please do not copy it, do not replicate it on the Internet, just give a link. You can sell your work made by my tutorial, or sew it to sell.  Also, I would be pleased if you mention me as the author in your articles. ...
In this tutorial I will tell you how to create a necklace with embroidered satin stitch pendant. Necessary materials are the following:  Sketch of the pendant. So, transfer the sketch of the pendant on the fabric in any convenient way. Then insert the fabric in the hoop and start sewing the edges ...
25.02.2019 17:59  |  
Today I will tell and show you how you can use a key case blank to make a beautiful, convenient, unique (no one else will have exactly the same) key case.  I use a billet with 6 carbines, the case will be closed on the button, and there will be a pocket for cards or tickets inside.    You will need ...
Beautiful smooth loops made by hand will add uniqueness to your clothes and show a high degree of your professionalism. Mark the loops. 6...8...9 cm distance between them. Place eye loops in the middle of the front, i.e. the middle of the front in the direction of the edge of the side loop goes to ...
18.02.2019 13:57  |  
Today I want to present you a tutorial on how to neat a scarf edge with a role seam. This seam is great for scarves of silk, thin cotton fabrics, fine wool, linen. One of the ways of this processing will be shown here. Firstly, you need to cut out the right size for a skarf of fabric.  For example, ...
This tutorial is dedicated to the creation of the original decorative box with a flower, which I made of waste materials. The box is created as an element of decor, but if to place there jewellery or candy, the work may well serve as a great gift for March 8 or any other holiday. You will need the ...
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