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The video is suitable for people who are already familiar with these materials, I will make a separate tutorial on working with cannetille for beginners :)  We will embroider a bouquet. To do this, first sew the rhinestones (they will be flowers), and then cannetille, cut into pieces. ...
18.07.2019 12:37  |  
  Have you just begun to master sewing? Are you afraid to make a serious thing, but you want to make something functional? A simple shopper bag with which you can go to a store or to the beach is a perfect solution. Even a beginner can make a simple model, without lining and pockets! In ...
I bring to your attention a tutorial on creating an interesting beaded brooch. You'll embroider a crab brooch. For embroidery, you will use hard cannetille, rhinestones, beads, and sequins. You will sew the contour of the embroidery with cannetille in "attached seam" ...
Today I want to share with you how to sew locket and lining in your purse. Just note that I sew lining separately, after that I install a locket.  This method makes it easy to replace lining if there is such a need (for example, it can be stained, or accidentally torn, cut).  The ...
Spectacles case with zipper Materials and tools: embroidery for the front of the spectacles case (you can just take beautiful fabric), fabric for the back of the case and lining (these fabrics can be different), thin flizelin (if you have dense fabric, this position is unnecessary), collar ...
Surely many of you have already seen, and maybe tried to make raffia bags yourself. Lightweight, durable, with a large colour palette — this season it has become a good alternative to knitted yarn.    Your handbag is ready, but you do not know how to make a lining for it? Then this ...
I present to your attention a tutorial on creating a textile bracelet with embroidery. Embroidery can be any: cross stitch, satin stitch or even beads, I will show only how to assemble the bracelet itself. For work, you will need: fabric (cotton, linen); hoops; adhesive net; embroidery thread, ...
  Today's video is dedicated to a very interesting material. It is called differently: washable kraft paper or sewing kraft.  This material has recently appeared on the handmade market and few people know about it. The material is fascinating and multifunctional. This is the ...
I present to your attention the second part of the tutorial on creating "Victoria" bracelet. Part one >>> Materials: * Swarovski rivoli 14 mm — 1 piece. Lacquer Royal Blue (#001L110S);* Swarovski Iridescent Dark Blue Pearls (#949): 10 mm — 2 pieces.8 mm — 4 ...
Angels are always relevant, they are given for a birthday, an angel's day, a wedding, and they can decorate a room. Textile angels perfectly fit into the nursery, because they are so cute and cozy. This couple I made to decorate the room for two sisters, we decorated the handles of the wardrobe ...
21.06.2019 12:21  |  
  To make this purse, you will need a magnetic snapper.    The pattern is attached to the tutorial and you can download it. When you print, make sure your printer is set to print in real size.   You will need: * cotton for the outside of the purse;* cotton for ...
I bring to your attention a tutorial on creation of a volume brooch from beads. The tutorial consists of two parts. We will create a brooch in the form of a pretty bee. In the first part, I will make volume for the brooch, embroider it with gold thread and start making the wings. In the second part ...
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