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DIYs & Tutorials with crystal

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22.12.2018 11:47  |  
In this video tutorial, I'll show you how to embroider a 'Bee' brooch. You can take the suggested technique of embroidery as a basis and come up with your own design. This brooch can be a great gift for loved ones. You can watch my other videos to find out how to make a brooch of ...
You need: - small wooden hoop - silk strings, colour HTS-49 - Italian sequins 4 mm No. 396w - Italian sequins 3 mm No. 3344w - Italian sequins 3 mm No. 5009w - Italian sequins butterflies No. 3027 - Japanese seed beads 15/0 gold - Japanese Toho 11/0 seed beads purple #2219 - Fire Polished beads 3mm ...
I often get emails with questions about the technology I use for sewing and embroidering my velvet handbags, and one of the most common questions is, 'I really want to make a handbag, but also really afraid of velvet and working with it.' Yes, rightly considered, velvet is one of the most ...
Today I want to show you the way of making cute earrings with flowers from pearls and beads. For this you need: - natural pearls 6mm = 10pcs - glass rhinestones 5 mm = 2pcs - silver beads  #10 = 40 pcs - white ivory beads  #10 = 30. - silver plated wire 1-1.5 mm = 15cm - silvery wire 0.3 mm = 120cm ...
Nature is what always inspires me, and you, I hope! Today I offer to make a dragonfly brooch. For this you need: - silk chiffon - #10 beads, red and gold - #8 beads, red - 4-8 mm rhinestones  — 4 pcs - 3 mm rhinestones — 3 pcs - 4x6 mm crystal beads — 2 pcs - gold twisted thread - pin - 6 pins with ...
You need: 1. Earring fixture — 2 pcs 2. Bale — 1 pc 3. Caps for beads — 3 pcs 4. Rose bead, natural coral — 3 pcs 5. Pins — 3 pcs 6. Crystals — 3 pcs Pick beads and caps on pins in the order that you like. Spin the pins into rings. And leave a loop for the pendant. Put the bale in ...

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