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Watches are a wonderful invention of mankind that enables to control your time, anywhere. Moreover, they’ve been serving as a magnificent or unique accessory for many people all over the world throughout hundreds of years. The earliest watches appeared in the trecento and were erected with the highest towers on the main squares of cities. Standing wooden watches and mens watches became especially important with the growth of Reformation movement supported by Protestants and those who knew the price of time — merchants of the First Guild. Jean Calvin, one of the leaders, put jewellery under a ban as unnecessary and harmful evil temptation, but buying watches was not prohibited. Thus, Jeneva jewellers started working hard just to stay in business. In the 16th-17th centuries, skeleton watches gained huge popularity as an allowable mean of adorning black and grim fashionable outfits. Their mechanism was seen because it wasn’t possible to hide the clockwork somehow. Nowadays it looks really great when you see how wheels are turning.

Decades pass by, but handmade watches are still considered as valuable jewelry and great presents. Find a variety of fascinating models in our watches online shop. Anything is there: gold, silver, stainless steel or wooden watches, vintage and modern items, kids and womens watches — they would turn to be your little helpers and lucky ornaments.