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Программа привилегий


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Snoods, cowls and other warmers are incredibly popular practically all year round depending on weather conditions. They are known from ancient times. Snood scarves that keep warmth in bad weather and just snoods are not the same. Women were attired in snoods everywhere in Europe to gather hair at the back. These items are functionally and visually similar to hairnets that were popular in the 1940s on factories and are worn by football players and Orthodox Jewesses nowadays.

Cowls, the ones donned by monks of different religious orders, are garments with long wide sleeves and hoods. This item of clothes gave its name to the things we got used to — knitted and crocheted scarves wrapped around the neck or covering the head. These days, cowls are loved nearly by everyone: kids, teens, men and ladies. Adorn your neck, protect yourself from rain or wind, put it under or over your outfit the way you like and let it make your day.