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Slippers are what make any home welcoming and warm. The structure of the footwear that consists of a sole and a strap is known since the earliest times of mankind. Then it was made of fabric, leather, wool, natural fibers like straw or bamboo — so nothing basic has changed by now, unless the materials for flip-flops for swimming pools, the purpose of disposable hotel slippers and varieties of designs we can enjoy.

The purpose of any footwear is to keep feet from cold and injuries. You can select slippers to match any style or interior or meet any idea — just select the right colour and form: open-heel, closed, evening, boots, sandals. Most popular shapes of mens slippers resemble ordinary boots: they don’t fall from the foot because have a heel guard and are usually soft inside because they are warmed with fleece. Though, some people prefer thin and light home shoes. Among women slippers, most relevant models are closed, too, and there is a special type of them called slippers sox — crocheted cuties that call for getting in an armchair with a book and a cup of cocoa. In our e-shop one can gets inspired with a great plenty of homey shoes. Made of yarn, crocheted or knitted, felted, decorated with embroidery or cloth and wool applique, not speaking about the number of patterns, they respond to any demand.