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Shawls are a part of everyday outfit to drape and warm oneself with. Fur shawls are really exquisite items to wrap yourself with, they would richly shade an evening dress and are good when it’s a cold evening or winter. Cashmere shawls are no less heating because they are made of goat’s down. Though, they are worn practically at any occasion and time of the year due to their multi-purpose and simple design if not taking their gorgeous patterns into consideration. Their cousins, pashmina shawls, are warm, too, and famous for their paisley ornamental pattern widely spread around sunny eastern countries.

If you want something homey, a crocheting shawl would be the best thing to get as it puts in your mind a granny sitting in a rocking-chair and knitting a new gift for her granddaughter. By the way, such items may be decorated so skilfully that anyone would say they are a result of a designer idea. And, perhaps, one can’t do without a black shawl that is a true queen among other wrappers, like the little black dress.