Программа привилегий
Программа привилегий


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Pareo seems to be the most popular summer accessory as it is really multipurpose. Made of thin cloths such as viscosa or silk, pareo cover ups let your skin breath and is perfect for reaching beach from a hotel room, when you need to buy a bottle of water in a nearby shop after swimming in the sea or take a cocktail from a beach bar. Let’s remember the most frequent ideas of using it.

  • Pareo skirts are bought sewn or just as they originally are. To tie one on the hips, make a knot on the side or at the front. Another variant is to fold it into a triangle and make a knot, too.
  • Pareos serve as long dresses when tied over breast, or short when folded.
  • Try to wear them criss-cross — the intersection may be on the chest or under the neck.
  • Plus size pareos, just like others, provide a wide range of wearing options.

This item of clothing is essential on vacations, has many ways of wearing and makes you look especially attractive.