Программа привилегий
Программа привилегий


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Panamas is a kind of a head-gear worn usually in a hot summer or country. Beige, cream, khaki or green panamas are perfect when camping, hiking, walking a dog, going on excursions. And it’s all about comfortable soft shapes and natural materials originally used in the process of manufacturing. It has been produced from simple straw since 1600 in Ecuadorian and Andean lands and nowadays, in the same location, these traditionally yellowish panamas are created by craftsmen and considered as eco products.

The item acquired its name in the 19th century, then it was shipped with other South American goods to Asia via Isthmus of Panama — the last point on the border to international trade. And the popularity came when Theodore Roosevelt visited the Panama Canal construction site and took a photo against it wearing a white panama decorated with a black tape. Actually, no matter where a hat is made, whether it’s a striped or dotted, blue or pink panama: it has been serving people during hundreds of years and is still widely spread.