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Painted Tatted Lampwork Felted Weaved Textile Mixed media WireWrap Embroidered Knitted & Crocheted Knitted Crocheted
With pearls With ruby With malachite With jade With obsidian With onyx With mother of pearl With rauchtopazom With rhodonite With rose quartz With sapphire With cat\'s eye With glass With topaz With tourmaline With cubic zirconia With chrysolite With citrine With amber With ametrine With lapis lazuli With corundum With Swarovski crystals With amazonite With natural stones With feathers With ornamental stones With semi precious stones With aventurine With agate With aquamarine With amethyst Without inserts With coral With turquoise With diamond With rhinestone With pomegranate With pearls (Imitation) With emerald With quartz With ceramics With tiger eye
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Necklaces and beads are accessories any woman has ever put on. Beads may be less chick and gorgeous than necklaces but are much older. Beads from engraved seashells were found on the territory of Israel and their age is about 90 thousands years. Bones had been used even sooner but they had sacral meaning rather than served as an ornament.

Nowadays, there is a great plenty of materials for such accessories. Glass beads are assembled from high quality Japanese or Czech seed beads, superb Murano glass or lampwork masterpieces. Leather necklaces amaze us with numerous designs and styles: flowers, bats, nets and strips are recreated from sketches by talented craftsmen, wirework or gems are applied. Pearl necklaces are the result of the designer idea when made in simple chains, combined with metal charms. Actually, handmade necklaces and beads have always been appreciated, so various types appeared:

  • neckbands — a kind of chokers necklaces from lace or velvet with little pendants in the 18th century,
  • collars from a massive gold chain and pendants for men taking a high position in society,
  • folk monisto necklaces of coins put on for special occasions by many nations in Eastern Europe and Asia,
  • cross necklaces worn, as a rule, by religious people,
  • sautoirs consisting of several lines of beads or pearls with one clasp at the back,
  • torcs, torqs or torques — large metal neck rings worn by Slavs, Celts, Skifs and Persians.

To find any of these models or buy necklaces you’ve been thinking about, use our necklaces and beads online shop, filter if you’re looking for something precise or just sort by date to scroll through pages. Share interesting finds with friends, perhaps you’ll find a thing of their dream here, too.