Jewelry Sets

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Painted Tatted Lampwork Felted Weaved Textile Mixed media WireWrap Embroidered Knitted & Crocheted Knitted Crocheted
With pearls With rose quartz With lapis lazuli With malachite With jade With obsidian With onyx With mother of pearl With rauchtopazom With rhodonite With ruby With corundum With sapphire With glass With topaz With tourmaline With cubic zirconia With chrysolite With citrine With amber With cat\'s eye With coral With Swarovski crystals With amethyst With natural stones With feathers With ornamental stones With semi precious stones With aventurine With agate With aquamarine With amazonite With ceramics Without inserts With turquoise With diamond With rhinestone With pomegranate With pearls (Imitation) With emerald With quartz With ametrine Enamel
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Jewelry sets are several pieces of jewelry of the same design which implies colour, shape, pattern and materials. A term for this was given — parure, it was initially the name for a little diadem with a smooth bottom edge and scalloped upper one. The more scallops it had, the higher the position of its owner was in society — a countess, baroness or dutches. But now they are known as women's jewelry sets and have two types:

  • a small parure has 2-3 items, for example, a necklace, brooch and earrings, and is suitable for everyday use,
  • a big one may include up to fifteen elements — earrings, a diadem, decorative comb, necklace, brooch, a pair of bracelets, rings, pins, ferronnieres — to be put on for special occasions.

In today’s world, such women like the Queens of UK, Spain, Sweden or other representatives of upper class wear them for assemblies. There is a variety of metals and stones applied by jewelers: silver and gold jewelry sets with colour gems like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, topazes and diamonds, or pearl jewelry sets. The top thing is a tiara, it usually sets the tone for the whole jewellery suite.

Nowadays, any lady has an opportunity to buy jewelry sets according to her wishes to look graceful in a cocktail and evening dress, to be the star of a prom, the princess on her wedding day. Our jewelry sets online shop offers a great plenty of models you might have dreamt of. To find something precise, refer to Catalogue search, and multiple handmade jewelry sets would line up before you.