Программа привилегий
Программа привилегий

Fur headphones

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Fur earmuffs are known now as a fashionable thing favourited by girls all over the world. Curiously, the headgear was invented in 1873 by a fifteen-year-old Chester Greenwood. He asked his grandmother to sew something what would protect his ears while skiing. And two pieces of pads joined with a wire worked! By the way, these were not earmuffs with real fur yet. The boy grew up, improved the model so that it didn’t flap on the wind, acquired a patent and produced the item for 60 years.

Nowadays, we know multiple variations: those keeping from loud sounds passively or actively (when one listens to a counter-sound), securing a whole head from hits and injures and, finally, protecting sportsmen from cold and accessories like fox fur earmuffs or rabbit fur earmuffs making a look pretty and sweet.