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Программа привилегий

Felt boots

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Winter shoes have been serving people faithfully since the very early ages of mankind, saving legs from severe cold and feet from frostbound ground. Cave-men used skins, furs and ropes to make them, so the first examples were very warm, and hardly any attention was payed to design, the main aim was to make things comfortable to wear.

All has completely changed by now. Probably, design is the first thing focused on nowadays when looking for a new pair of booties or Oxfords. So it’s really great when you find beautiful knee high boots that are really warm and comfortable inside. One needn’t waste time searching for something definite, it’s much easier to make a customized order. Just type what you want in our online shop search and if any model matches your requirements, get it in a couple of clicks. But if you have your own idea, like valenki with your name or an image of your pet, just contact the seller to learn if customized orders are taken. Whatever you’re looking for, sporty lace-up boots , cosy uggs or elegant high heel boots, get an idea of what you want and go ahead.