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Casual dresses are clothings for giving you femininity and elegance. Dresses originate from capes and mantles. Firstly, they had a common one-piece cut. Then, various materials had been introduced, new types appeared and, thus, the differentiation happened. Such capes used to be male and female outfits to warm the lower part of the body — the legs — and were available for all social layers. Women's casual dresses were made from rough fabrics like linen and wool, and rich court garments — from silk, brocade, velvet. This has changed nowadays because they may come in use for diverse occasions. But yes, it is preferred that a cocktail or a casual business dress looked gracious, and exquisite cloth emphasizes the effect.

Cuts also influence the overall impression. For example, casual maxi dresses elongate a figure, and cute casual dresses draw attention making the owner sweeter and even more attractive. Any casual model fitting you — a shirt, little black or polo item — would make you very special!