Программа привилегий
Программа привилегий


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Hats are a unit of outfit consisting of a crown and brim which has many variations: topper hat, boater, sombrero, akubra, ski mask, cowboy hat, bicorne, deerstalker, kufi, ushanka, bucket hat, etc. According to a myth, the first was presented to the ancient Greeks by Hermes, a god of commerce, to protect people's heads from scorching rays of the sun. It looked like a straw hat because was flat and made of plant fiber.

It is believed that the first women's hat was invented by Isabella Bavarian, the Queen of France, in 1395 — so-called medieval hennin, a cone up to 1 meter length constructed of whalebone, starched heavy paper and rich covering fabric. Another model, fedora hat, gained its popularity among ladies in 1889 after an opera of the same name. The great Sarah Bernhardt starred there and made the accessory extremely fashionable. Later on, it was borrowed by men and is unisex nowadays. The most luxurious samples are considered to be wedding hats. An incredible range of materials is used! Felt, silk, satin, jacquard, lace... If not talking about decoration with pearls, sequins, ribbons, beads and veil.