Программа привилегий
Программа привилегий


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Pelerines are pieces of cloth or lace covering shoulders and keeping warmth when it’s windy, cold or snowy. Originally, pelerines were worn by pilgrims who travelled to holy places like Jerusalem, Rome or Mecca. These people were called so because always brought palm twigs back home, and thus the name to pelerines was given, too. It is believed that the first laymen who put on this piece of clothes were Spanish lovers spending nights long under the balcons of their sweethearts.

After that, pelerines spread all over Europe and were actively used by women: the items of clothes were tied at the neck and taken off when entering a house. In the 1830s they became especially fashionable because emphasized the width of the upper part of sleeves. Now we are watching them coming back into fashion, so one can find all sorts of cuts and materials. Used by ladies two centuries ago, it successfully goes with casual clothes or evening garments nowadays. Any style adopts it depending on the design or fabric.