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Spring & fall shoes are so numerous in their types that it’s even difficult to have them all. This may be explained by various weather conditions of the seasons, fashion trends and the history during which tastes and preferences of people have been changing. This all started with an ordinary wish of a man to save feet from hurts and cold many thousand years ago. In warm parts of the planet they were flip-flops; closer to the North — something like ugg boots, our ancestors fixed skins of wild animals with lines around the footsteps and ankle-bones or higher.

Nowadays, it is practically impossible to cover the number of offered models. Ankle boots or their brothers booties are good for going out to a nightclub or cafe — it’s warm in there so the short variant of footwear is perfect. Actually, any high heel boots make legs longer and draw men’s eye. Knee high boots look great with shorts or miniskirts and dark tights. Lace-up boots are a little sporty but are still combined with different outfits — apply your fancy to get extraordinary and attractive results. Our shop of handmade goods offers all these and other spring & fall shoes. They are made by hand of genuine leather, are felted, decorated with marvelous embroidery patterns, sequins and beads. Folk items like valenki, clogs, moccasins and cowboy boots are found here, too.