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Baseball caps

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A baseball cap is a part of the American sports and mass culture which became popular in the 20th century. But how did it start?

A precursor of the nowadays baseball caps for men was born in New York in 1860-s. The Brooklyn-style accessory invented by baseball players had a button on the top and gained many fans by 1900-s. The modern design with latex rubber originated in 1940-s. All these vintage baseball caps are in a great demand among collectors now. So, sportsmen used to wear riding or boating hats until 1954 when club customized baseball caps were produced and which turned to be so alluring that sport lovers began buying them to support favourite teams.

And, yes, the head-dress is really irreplaceable in hot weather, it protects crown and eyes from sunrays. Such a convenient thing could not have been unseen by designers and special women’s baseball caps appeared. Even acclaimed fashion houses like Chanel included them in its collections.