Программа привилегий
Программа привилегий


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Headbands are originally a strip of fabric tied to keep the face and eyes from hair. Throughout the history of mankind, they had multiple purposes. In the Ancient Greece, they were worn by Olympic games winners as wreaths weaved of olive sprigs. Nowadays, girls continue decorating their hair with flower headbands that have similar structure. The Jews used to wear turban headbands as a part of traditional outfit, which are known now as head scarfs as well. This headgear was also extremely favoured by ladies in 1920-s and it was believed to press the forehead much to prevent aches.

Recently, sport has influenced men’s headband fashion and turned the essential uniform item of tennis and football players into a popular accessory. Well known crocheted headbands are intended to keep a set, emphasize beautiful hair and give out warmth to ears at the same time. Thus, metal or plastic, with flowers or gems, the article has spread all over the word and is loved by many.