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    watch glass, fusing Good heart mom

    • Made to order  Exact replica can't be made
    • Production time: depending on the queue
    • Materials:  glass for fusing, glass, murano glass, glass color, stained glass, stained glass - fusing, fusing, the technique of fusing, technology fusing, art glass, mirror with fusing, watch mirror
    • Size: 30 cm or to order
    if you don't know what FUSING.......

    increase your photos looks better!
    a watch can be on a stand, table!!!

    the mechanism is quiet, smooth!
    fasteners provided for

    watch you get dismantled, the mechanism is separately

    under the scheme you will be able to collect a watch
    here detailed INSTRUCTIONS
    I don't do exact copies of

    each new version is just for you!
    I think it's important and nice!

    If You like my work, then
    I circle.
    be aware of new products in my store and will be able to buy or have an interesting job!

    I do not send cod
    please, make a reservation, read the rules my store
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