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Ring "Moment of eternity"

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  • Materials:  more lampwork beads (lampwork), author's lampwork glass, ebony, glass, murano glass
  • Size: 17
The ring is made by the two authors is my first collaboration with jeweler Alexander Yurov. The base ring of ebony and glass red poppy with green center... (at the photo shoot she was hiding)))
Ebony wood is very hard and heavy and belongs to the most valuable tree species! It is so dense that it sinks in water. In the myths, magic and esoteric Eben often attributed magical properties.
Sistematicheskoe the genus name ebony is a persimmon!!! (the best varieties of tropical hourmy) Ebony is so hard that when the machining tool to have a few times to sharpen.
But the flower is my doing, smelted in an open fire... it is powerful in every relationship. the tree aged hundreds of years and is so gentle and fragile poppy, which blooms only a few days...
This ring is unique, the exact repetition is not possible!
How to keep
To appreciate and love is a small work of art.... Not to drop! Store in a separate box - box.
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