Fishnet dress with lace, knitted dress, author Julia Linen tale

Sundress "Nereid". The author's model

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  • Materials:  mercerized cotton, cotton
  • Size: 44-46
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Julia Linen tale
Russia, Yaroslavl Oblast, Rybinsk
The author's model.
Sundress is associated cotton ( complete bottom of the shirt or artificial silk/ chiffon)
Can be worn as a casual sundress with a lower shirt or beach over your swimsuit.
And you can order according to Your size and color preferences.
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Wash knitted things should be in warm water at temperatures of up to 40C, soft (without Bioactive and bleaching agents) detergents. When washing cannot prevent a sharp mechanical impact. Whitening, rough wash, spin, lead to the loss of marketable product. Wash in hot water, boiling, drying leads to a strong shrinkage or breaking the bonds in chemical fibers, after which they lose their shape and strongly stretched. Dry products should be straightened as on a horizontal surface at room temperature, away from heating devices. Knitwear should be stored folded on a shelf in the closet, in any case can not be hung on hangers.
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